Thursday, 4 May 2017

A play! MARION BRIDGE – May 9th to 13th

Cinema CNC is proud to present, in conjunction with POCKET THEATRE, MARION BRIDGE, May 9th to 13th, in room 1-306 at CNC.

MARION BRIDGE will be presented in SUPER 3-D [some people call this a "play", including playwright, Daniel MacIvor]. Come see a show so real it will astonish you that such technology exists in the world... and you can chat with the characters afterwards! The cutting edge in interactivity, brought to you by Pocket Theatre and Cinema CNC.

Nominated for the Governor General’s Award for Drama, MARION BRIDGE tells the story of three sisters who have come together in Sydney, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, to hold a vigil over their dying mother while simultaneously dealing with their shared and separate pasts and presents. Alternately poignant and funny, the play shows the range of their sibling issues, while they try to forge a new path. Holding it all together is that, in spite of some of the words they throw around, Agnes, Theresa, and Louise truly care for one another.

Starring: Katherine Trepanier as Agnes, Sandra Clermont as Theresa, and Krista Dunlop at Louise. Produced by Allison Haley. Directed by Peter Maides.

The play runs from May 9th to 13
th in room 1-306 at the College of New Caledonia. Showtime: 8 pm.

Tickets: $20 - regular; $15 - student, senior, unemployed. Available at Books and Company and at the door.

About the playwright: Daniel MacIvor

A prolific playwright, dynamic performer, producer and artistic director, Daniel MacIvor has been creating original Canadian theatre since 1986 when he founded the highly acclaimed theatre company da da kamera, which has won a Chalmers Award for Innovation in Theatre (1998). MacIvor is also a successful filmmaker. His projects include the award winning short film The Fairy Who Didn’t Want to Be a Fairy Anymore

About the play:

  An intimate, swiftly moving family drama … a sparkling crisp script, beautifully structured, with snappy, funny lines that dart in and out quickly like swallows, not interrupting the emotional drama of the story.”
— Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“This moving drama, which tiptoes toward sentimentality without ever reaching it, is the most surprising play that [MacIvor’s] ever written. When was the last time you saw a drama about three distinct, complex women that had nothing to do with their relationships with men?”
— New York Times

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