Friday, 13 February 2015

March 8: 9:30 pm: HEARTBEAT

Sunday, March 8: 9:30
Dir: Andrea Dorfman
96 minutes
Cast: Tanya Davis, Stephanie Clattenburg, Stewart Legere, Kristin Langille, Glen Matthews

To say that Justine is stuck in a rut would be an understatement. She hates her mind-numbing job, she can’t stop sleeping with her ex-boyfriend Ben, and not only does she live in her grandma’s old house, but she also wears her granny’s old bras. (Hey, they fit great.)

When things begin to change, (her best friend has a baby, Ben leaves town) she’s forced to deal with her attachment issues and find a way to define her own life. In a series of amusing missteps, Justine recognizes that she has drifted away from her true passion, music, in part because of an embarrassing stage-fright incident.

Once she confronts her fears and reconnects with her music, however, the future suddenly seems full of possibilities.

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